Organize a Formula Drive

Our clinic goes through over 120 cans of formula a month. Our severely malnourished infants need formula supplementation in conjunction with the maternal lactation.

You can empower your circle of friends or co-workers by initiating a formula drive! Simply spread the word about Ordinary Nurses, these malnourished infants and the need for formula to be donated. Once you have collected all the formula you can take it or ship it to our designed drop off center in Loveland, Colorado. This formula will get to our clinic in Guatemala within 2 months!

We provide all organizers a digital tool kit! This includes detailed information, frequently asked questions, the brands and types of formula we accept, the address of our drop off center, photographs, and more!

Some organizers create a mass email, others a Facebook post, or maybe just through word a mouth. We have found success when organizers follow these tips:

Set a deadline: Tell all your friends and co-workers to donate the formula before a set date.
Provide Photos: Connect people to this need through photos of the babies receiving the formula.
Include the list of specifics: We utilize a range of brands and types, but this list still offers guidance to those desiring to donate. And remember we cannot accept opened cans.

Would you like to organize a formula drive? Contact Us Today!